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Developing, Owning & Operating Alternative Energy Projects A Global Outlook for Risk-Mitigated, High Yield Returns



Geopower develops, owns and operates a diversified portfolio of risk-mitigated alternative energy assets, with current operations in the USA and Asia. Power generation projects are structured to deliver long-term annuity-type returns. Geopower achieves this by using fully-commercialized third party guaranteed technologies that produce base load (‘24/7’) power, together with long-term supply and off take agreements. Geopower is technology agnostic; we fit the best technology to the project to ensure reliable, consistent energy production and cash flows. We are focused on turnkey project development, from project identification through construction, commissioning and operation, with a focus on long-term ownership. Geopower’s projects make positive environmental, economic and social impacts in a variety of ways from acting to reduce carbon emissions to enhancing the reliability of a nation’s power supply.

Geopower also invests in energy resource ownership (uranium/coal/forestry) to capitalize on compelling investment cases, particularly during counter-cyclical periods, or to use as a fuel for power generation.

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